Daily Prayers 17-23 October

Daily Prayers 17-23 October

The focus of this week’s prayer letter is on the Spirit’s anointing – He is Heaven’s Oxygen here on earth and the One who best orchestrates the building of God’s Kingdom.

Oct 17 – Father, thank You for Pastor Alisha’s sermon yesterday which focussed on the importance of the ongoing fullness of Your Spirit in our lives. As we take time this week to pray into living with the freshness and vitality of Your Spirit each and every day – guide us we pray.

As we made our Kingdom Building Vision Appeal – thank You for the chance to partner with You in Your Kingdom’s purposes and advance. We ask for Your guidance, anointing and blessing as we move forward in prayer, asking people to give towards it.

May each of those 72 boxes of either £25 monthly or £300 yearly, be filled, and we able to expand our capacity to receive people, and pay more for ministry.

At the very heart of Your Kingdom is the ministry and presence of Your Spirit. When Jesus ascended back to heaven after His resurrection, He promised the outpouring of the Spirit upon the Church. On the day of Pentecost, from heaven, came the sound of a rushing mighty wind which shook the building where the 120 Church leaders and believers were praying. Your Spirit came with all His freshness, power and authority.

May Your Spirit revitalise our Church bringing the breath of heaven to us – may He empower us to be effective witnesses to and for Christ – and may we more understand how to submit to His authority.

His coming brought new energy and passion to the Church which then went out to be Kingdom Builders starting in Jerusalem. We ask that You would send Your Spirit to create the same energy, passion and anointing, in our Church, to serve Jesus and His Kingdom purposes, and to go out and be Christ’s witnesses and ambassadors. Amen

Oct 18 – Father, the 120 on the Day of Pentecost went from a place of seclusion, closed in that room, out onto the streets in the full view of the people in the city of Jerusalem. They were filled with boldness, power, Kingdom authority and new life-giving words.

The Oxygen from Heaven – the Holy Spirit blew away the stale air of fear, broke down the wall of separation from the lost people around them, and thus empowered them for their mission to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

As He filled them with boldness, heavenly praise and a powerful, life transforming message – we need that same Oxygen from Heaven today. Fill our Church with Your Spirit.

May a deep hunger arise in each one of us to live everyday filled with Your Spirit – filling our lives with Your word enabling us to reach out in faith to be Kingdom builders.

We proclaim that we will live without fear as we live in the light of Your Kingdom purposes for us – we will be Kingdom Builders here in Telford and Shropshire. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Oct 19 – Father, grant us the grace to ask for the same fullness of Your Spirit that those early believers experienced. O God, send Your Holy Spirit and fill me to overflowing with Your Divine Ruach – the Oxygen from Heaven.

Thank You that the usual OT word for Your Spirit is ruach, ‘wind or breath.’ This word carries the idea of moving air, but it also can convey the idea of the breath of speech – Your spoken words flowing from Your Spirit-anointed people.

As we pray today, we know the answer to the world’s problems is not a better politician, political party or form of government. Politicians come and go, political parties rise and fall, democracy is only ever as good as those making the policies and laws that underpin it. The answer is Your Church filled with Heaven’s Oxygen fulfilling Your Kingdom mission to the world in Christ.

We pray that we will have the joy of seeing many people, young adults, young people and children become born again believers – then discipling them into a new godly nature – developing a holy disposition – filled with Your innovation and creativity – establishing Your Kingdom and Christ’s righteous, good, perfect, peaceful and compassionate Kingly reign across our nation. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen

Oct 20 – Father, Ruach is also a name which highlights that although Your Spirit’s presence is invisible to the human eye, His presence can be felt and experienced – the wind of God.

When Your presence is among Your people, just like a breeze which cannot be seen but surely felt in its effects – a tree swaying in the breeze – Your presence moves and affects our spirits, our connection with You is developed and overflows to our souls and bodies.

As Your Spirit’s presence and power overflows into our souls – we connect with our humanity as You originally designed it to be, redeeming and renewing our humanity in Christ-honouring and glorifying ways.

The Holy Spirit is an invisible, eternal, all powerful being;

He is also a person with all the attributes of personality: intelligence, emotion, speech, teacher;

He is also the Lord, and the worker of miracles among and through Your people. May Your Spirit anoint and move me, and our Church, to be highly effective Kingdom Builders.

As a result of His fullness – may we also minister under the guidance of His power, love and sound judgement in how we live, reflect His emotional tenderness in our interactions with others, be filled with His inspired speech proclaiming Your Gospel, and be able to teach others Your truth.

May we live in loving submission reverencing Christ’s Lordship; and in faith creating the atmosphere where Your Spirit’s miracle working power is released here – in and through Telford Elim in person and online. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Oct 21 – Father, thank You for the way Isaiah linked the ministries of the Spirit and that of the future Messiah, 61:1, ‘The Spirit [Holy Spirit] of the Sovereign Lord [Father God] is upon Me [the Christ/Messiah], for the Lord has anointed Me [Messiah] to bring good news to the meek. He has sent Me to comfort the broken hearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed.’

It was not a new thing for Your Spirit to be deeply involved in Your saving purposes in and through Israel; in fact, Your Spirit had been integral to the past deliverance and sustenance of the Jewish people (63:7-14).

May we not overlook the close affinity between Your Son and Your Spirit in Your saving mission to the world. Grant us the divine impartation of Your Spirit’s Oxygen and anointing upon the Gospel of the Kingdom.

It is the Gospel that You have commissioned us to take to the people of Hadley and Leegomery, Telford and Shropshire – joining Jesus in seeking and saving the lost, and serving the broken. We ask for an abundance of good, lasting fruit from this ongoing mission. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Oct 22 – Lyrics for Mighty Wind by Andraé Crouch, www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Andraé-Crouch/Mighty-Wind. In the following I have changed ‘let it overflow,’ to ‘let Him overflow’ which fits in better with our focus in prayer this week.

‘Like the rushing of a mighty wind come and fill our hearts again. Just like the rushing of a mighty wind, let Him overflow Let Him overflow Let Him overflow Let Him overflow.

Like a river that has overflowed, like a river that has overflowed – come and fill our hearts once more. Like a river that has overflowed – let Him overflow Let Him overflow Let Him overflow Let Him overflow

Let the people come from miles around as You send Your Spirit down to revive the church again. Come like the rushing of a mighty wind – let Him overflow Let Him overflow Let Him overflow Let Him overflow Let Him overflow Let Him overflow Let Him overflow

Let Him overflow’ in and through Telford Elim. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Oct 23 – Planetshakers Lyrics, ‘Come Right Now.’ www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/planetshakers/comerightnow.html

‘Nothing excites us like Jesus’Cause – in His presence there’s freedom. All of our sin is forgiven – so we give to Him the highest praise.

It’s the greatest feeling when You fill this place. In this moment You are moving as we give You praise. Come right now Holy Spirit – Release Your power.

Lord we are hungry for more of You. Heaven’s open, You’re bursting through filling this place like a rushing wind. Come and move again – like a fire within we will burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn -We will burn.

To everybody that’s hurting, here comes the sound of rejoicing – our happiness; He’s restoring so we give to Him the highest praise.’

Father, may Your Spirit empower us to bring Your Kingdom’s restoration to our town, Borough and County. In Jesus’ name. Amen