Daily Prayers 24-30 October

Daily Prayers 24-30 October

24 Oct – The focus of this prayer letter is on Moving Mountains.

In Mark 11:22-24, GNT, Jesus said, ‘Have the faith of God. I can guarantee this truth: This is what will be done for someone who doesn’t doubt but believes what he says will happen. He can say to this mountain, ‘Be uprooted & thrown into the sea,’ & it will be done for him.’

Father, thank You that faith is a gift from You, as well as something that develops as we read and accept Your Word. Training in mountain moving entails having to face different types of mountains; some are steep but can quickly be ascended and overcome, others less steep but requiring a long, long time to overcome. Teach us how to overcome mountains – things and issues that can challenge and overwhelm us.

Leaning into Christ in faith doesn’t make the mountain smaller, but it does put whatever the mountain is in the context of Your power, grace, mercy, truth and love.  We pray for anyone who is facing a mountain today, perhaps facing financial problems, experiencing ill health, struggling with mental health issues, relationship difficulties, job pressures, stress, fear, spiritual battles, unforgiveness, or any other issue – we pray for a breakthrough, for a new season of hope, and victory. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen

25 Oct – How does a person become a mountain mover? Father, we need a Proper Perspective – so often the mountain can seem so huge that it appears immovable – that it will always be there. We can end up thinking that nothing can move it.

We pray for the development of a Christ-honouring perspective which recognises that Your Kingdom, its culture and values overcomes darkness, sin, and every weapon formed against us.

As we are praying today into our Kingdom Building Vision Appeal – we pray for You to prepare the way as we prepare to move venue on Sunday mornings next year D.V, for You to guide and open the right door into the venue of Your choice, and for the funding needed for the vision.

We proclaim that Your Son is stronger and bigger than any mountain we face. You are able to do more than we can even ask or imagine. We pray for wisdom, understanding, grace and Your truth. We ask for the Spirit to guide those who are facing mountains into a new season of courage, power and peace. In Jesus’ name. Amen

26 Oct – Father, so often in the midst of a great trial or issue, we can stop doing the basics of prayer, thanksgiving, praise, Bible reading, fellowship, worship and witness. Instead of allowing the mountain to bring us into the dark shadow of despair and spiritual lethargy, we pray for a new season of Persistent, Spirit-led victorious intercession and prayer.

Your Son spoke about moving mountains by speaking prophetically to them. He only spoke words which came from His conversations and relationship with You. Grant us the grace to wait upon You until we have the assurance of a biblical promise to stand on.

As we wait upon You, You will renew our strength and bring Your promise to us. As Your Spirit guides us, this living promise is able to speak life and hope to the mountain. Break the mountain of rejection, of a carnal lifestyle, of worldly mindedness which leads to bondage.

Set people free in Christ and awaken many to a sacrificial, Christ-honouring life which transforms individuals, communities, churches, and businesses creating Kingdom minded people who do know their God, are strong and courageous.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.  

27 Oct – Father, Precious Promises – there are over 8000 promises in the Bible. They range from the great to the obscure. You word is dependable, a sure foundation for life, faith and ministry. As we pursue Christ, as we seek to live a Spirit-filled life, as we follow the pathway of faith and discipleship – Holy Spirit, bring the promises You have for us alive in us.

Lord, no matter what the mountain is, we declare that You are greater! As we consider the state of our nation, the war in Ukraine, and the challenges of flooding, drought, starvation, and political turmoil all around the world – we chose to remember that You have said that you will never, ever leave us nor forsake us.

As we pray for our church, and the new Children and Families’ Worker we are seeking to appoint, we do pray for a spiritual awakening in the homes and lives of the children and their families that are in our church, and will be in our church in the coming months and years. Lord, we pray for children to grow into adulthood with a Christ-honouring, Spirit-filled attitude to life.

We ask that the Children’s Ministry will be able to engage families creating a passion for Jesus, for worship, for living out their faith everyday, for becoming disciples who make disciples, for sharing Jesus with others. We pray that the new worker will be able to encourage and bless their team, work well with the church ministers, and help the department to glorify Christ. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Oct 28 – Father, Prevailing Patience – some mountains are overcome quickly, straightforwardly, and move immediately – sometimes the mountains take ages to move only gradually being overcome. We pray that we will get to the place that we truly see that Your Son is greater than anything we face.

As we mature in the faith, we have a great assurance of faith which makes us much more effective to be mountain movers. We pray that we will be guided by Your Spirit, standing on His living promise overcoming the mountain of unbelief and anti-Christ rebellion that is in the world all around us.

We give thanks for Your total commitment to us in Christ. Holy Spirit, enable us to greatly glorify our Lord Jesus. Grant us also the anointing needed to be able to speak to mountains confidently so that they will move. We pray for the courage to continue in spiritual warfare waiting patiently until it moves! Lead our church into victory. In Jesus’ name. Amen

29 Oct – Father, Powerful Proclamation – we declare to the mountain of spiritual apathy in Telford, the Borough, and County, you shall be removed and a godly reformation will take place.

This is not based in our positive thinking, but in our knowledge and commitment to the cause of the One who died on the cross to break down every barrier and dividing wall that separates people from God, and from His best for their lives.

Lord, we pray for a great awakening to the imperative of salvation in Jesus to come; instead of a trickle being saved, we proclaim that floods of people will come to Christ, into our church, and into other Churches in this Town, Borough and County.

Equip our Church to disciple these people into Disciple making Disciples who are mature in faith, deeply spiritual, theologically grounded, missionally minded servants of Christ. In His name, and for His glory. Amen

30 Oct – Father, Pioneer People – You are the Creator. The One who inspires us to step beyond our own limitations into that which You have purposed in Christ. Raise up people in Telford Elim, in person and online, and beyond in many other churches, who are able to grasp hold of victory in Your Son.

Lord, we pray for people who refuse to settle for less than You call them too. When there seems no way forward, grant insight and creativity to us which will unlock the situation. We know that in Christ, we are more than conquerors, because of Your great love and commitment to us.

Lord, Pioneer people do not avoid suffering, trials and hardships, but rather see these as part of a thriving community of faith. These difficulties are then turned into the spiritual strength to move the mountains we face.

As we face challenges together – as we seek to follow the Kingdom Building vision You have given to us – we pray that we will do so with faith, with Scriptural resolve and agape love. We know whom we have believed in, and are convinced that You are able to do abundantly more than we can ask or even think of.

We declare that You have called us to such a journey of faith advancing Your Kingdom, giving thanks with an undivided heart, singing Your praise, lauding Your glory, worshipping You in Spirit and truth with bended hearts. Grant us further insight in Your word, so we can live a life that is Christ-honouring, fellowship, worshipping, giving and witnessing in a Christ-honouring Church. In Jesus’ name. Amen