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Alisha's Story

A little bit about me, I am from a Gypsy culture, for many Gypsies traveling around is the way of life. Traveling around allowed for me to see many different places growing up, predominantly in the UK.

When I got to age 20 my life took a very different turn, I made the decision to live with my uncle Jason and his wife Lynda who are the senior minsters at the Elim church in Northampton. During my two and half years living in Northampton my life changed, God began to reveal the plans and purpose He had placed upon my life.

A massive catalyst of this change was my decision to attend college to gain a better education in my basic English and Maths. It was during this time that a tutor at college asked me, “what do you want to do with the rest of your life?”

Did I then begin to earnestly seek God for His plans and purposes on my life. There were so many options available to me, but after some time in prayer, and some encouragement from my uncle Jason and Lynda, I went for a ‘just looking day’ at Regents Theological College [RTC], and then for an interview at RTC.

During this time, I knew I had specifically heard from God telling me to apply for the degree instead of the diploma. However, due to me not having any GCSE’S, nor any A levels, I was asked during my interview to go away and do a GCSE in English and a diploma, get more involved in church ministry, and get a different job. I said firmly, “I’ll be back in 9 months for another interview.”

I was naive as to how challenging this would be; but with much work, and determination, I did indeed for go for an interview in 2016 and was accepted to do a degree at Regents. In 2019 I graduated with a BA Honours in applied theology. I want to take a moment to declare, God is faithful, He fulfilled His promises then as He still does today, He never let me down and without Him none of this would have been possible.

Pastor Alisha Foentjies

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