Working Together

Working in Partnership

As an Elim Church, our desire is to create a Jesus-centred, Spirit led rather than Programme or Structure Driven church that is rooted in God’s word. Structures are important in creating a church that functions and ministers well, but these can unintentionally end up creating a religious organisation that hinders people encountering God through Jesus; however, here at Telford Elim, we are intentional about creating a church that is well run enabling people to encounter Jesus by the Spirit.

A Spirit-led and word-based church facilitates worship, mission and ministry, which can include exciting word and Spirit-filled programmes.

We recognise that a local church partnership/membership may seem strange when everyone who is a believer is already a member of the body of Christ. However, each local Elim church is part of the national Movement, and is therefore an important constituent part of it.

At the heart of both our governance and Constitution as a Movement, is the recognition of the important part each individual has to play in the worship, mission and ministry of the local church.

Local church partnership/membership is a significant element in our DNA as a Movement, and is both a commitment by the individual to the local Elim church as their ‘spiritual home’ wherein God has placed them for that time and season, and a way for the local church to recognise those people who are fully committed to it.

In Exodus 33, Moses understood that in order to be able to overcome the difficulties of leading Israel, and undertake the journey they were about to face, he needed God’s presence in his own life, and to go with the nation. We also need God’s Spirit, favour and grace in each of our lives, and in our church.

The Lord promised Moses that His presence would go with them. Moses also asked for a greater encounter with God’s presence, a life-changing encounter. We want our church partners/members to have life-changing and enriching encounters with the Lord in and through our church, in person and online.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Partner/Member of Telford Elim – please contact the Church Office.

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