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Our blog is a resource that you can use in your daily prayer life and in your walk with Jesus. We explore biblical themes and apply them to life today.

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Faith in the unseen


We believe that prayer changes things.
It’s a way we can speak to God and hear His voice in return. It helps guide us and connect us and is so important to our daily lives.

Please get in touch if you have a prayer request, we would love to pray for you. We also have daily prayers that you can read and use as a basis for your prayer time. Check out the links.

Daily Prayers 22 July – 6 August 2024


Daily Prayers 15-21 July 2024

Daily Prayers 8-14 July 2024

Daily Prayers 1-7 July 2024

Every step of the way

Life Events

Telford Elim understand that life is a complex and wonderful journey. From birth, to weddings, baptisms, dedications and funerals, we are here with you if you need us.


Here at Telford Elim, we want to welcome you whether you come as a single person, or as a family. As we think about family – it is important to say that family relationships can be wonderful, but also can be full of pain. Having a good foundation in family life is really important. As a church we believe in supporting family life.

Find out more about how Telford Elim can support you in navigating through family life.

Asking Big Questions

Exploring Christianity

At the heart of Christianity is Jesus. The following questions are really important: Do You Know Jesus? Who is Jesus? What can He do for me? How do I talk to Him? Why is He the answer to all my questions about God and the reason for life?

Explore Christianity and find answers in Jesus.

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