Daily Prayers 12-18 September

Daily Prayers 12-18 September

Sept 12 – The focus of this week’s prayers, is our September’s month of prayer, fasting, and abstinence. The prayers are taken from our month of prayer booklet.

Online Ministry by Pastor Leslie

Father, thank You that although our church presence online has been a big learning curve, it also has been a fruitful part of our ministry. Thank You for everyone who contributes, and all who enable it. Sunday morning’s live broadcast, the website, Social Media content, and the three broadcasts each week: spirituality, prayer and discipleship, are reaching people with the Gospel.

We pray for each person involved – for Your anointing, protection and guidance. We would to minister in line with Your word will and purposes. We know that there is so much more that could be done. We commit ‘the more’ to You and ask for Your guidance, timing and provision in order to enable us to develop the ministry further.

Lord, the fields are white unto harvest, raise up more people to enable us to engage with those who are joining us online. We ask for the resources, finance and gifting needed to do so in Christ-honouring, Kingdom building ways. Amen

Sept 13 – Online Ministry by Pastor Leslie

Father, as we are praying about Kingdom Building – we ask for the further development of our church’s online ministries and presence. Lord, we want to reach more people, engage more deeply with those we are already reaching, and see the fire of Your Spirit break out in their lives.

In order to do so, we will need more people to get involved, including those skilled and able in the different aspects of online ministry. We would to create a broadcast studio in church, and develop our ability to produce good, Spirit-anointed content.

We also appreciate that online ministry can lead to difficulties and challenges as people access our content. Guide us in setting the right tone without becoming people-pleasers, be biblically orthodox without becoming legalistic, and to minister in the Spirit’s power without becoming caught up in being popular.

Lord, as people access our church’s content and broadcasts, we ask for You to speak, Your presence and power to be made perfect in our weakness, and Your Kingdom to come and Your will to be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Sept 14 – Church Finances by Michelle Johnson

Father, we bring the church finances to You, and we thank You that You are Jehovah Jireh – our Provider. You have provided and will continue to provide for all our needs, even in the difficult national circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We thank You for all the faithful and generous givers in church, and ask that You would open the windows of heaven and pour out limitless blessing on everyone. We pray that all our people would have enough to live and enough to give, that they would not fear what the world fears, and know that their Lord will meet all their needs according to the riches of His glory in Jesus Christ.

May Your peace reign in their lives, Your love surround them, Your Spirit empower them, and Your joy uphold them, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Sept 15 – Church Finances by Michelle Johnson

Father, we bring the church finances to You once again. We thank You for all that has been achieved in the past years through generous and sacrificial giving which is a testimony and a witness to Your great goodness and faithfulness.

Father, You know the needs that we have as a church to cover our contracted outgoings, and also to extend our borders – we lay them before You. We bless the leadership team and ask for wisdom and favour as they navigate choppy waters over the next few months.

We know that You are the God of more than enough, and that You can do more than we could ever ask or imagine. So, we put our hope in You and pray for an astonishing work to be done in our finances that glorifies Jesus. Amen

Sept 16 – Administration by Liz Manley

Loving Father, Administration within the church is one of the gifts of the Spirit; ‘Now God has appointed to the church.., then gifts of healing, helping, administrating, and various kinds of tongues’ (1 Corinthians 12:28, ESV). Administration helps to organise and ensures the church runs smoothly.

Father, I thank You for the gift of Administration, and I pray for integrity, for open lines of communication and working, as a body, in harmony.

Holy Spirit, please guide and direct, bringing wisdom, patience and understanding. For all those “nitty, gritty”, behind the scenes tasks, please bring blessings and honour to Your kingdom.

Father, thank You; ‘For God is not a God of confusion, but of peace’ (1 Corinthians 14:33, ESV). Thank You that Your creation is created by design and not by accident. May the Administration of Telford Elim Community Church be supportive, helpful, caring and purposeful and, at all times bringing glory to You, Father God. In the Blessed name of Jesus. Amen

Sept 17 – Pastoral Care [PC] by Pastor Leslie

Father, thank You for all that Denise Gore and Lynn Piatczanyn have done in leading PC through Covid – we give You praise also for those team members who also engaged with many in the church. We ask on the behalf of all who are in need, the ill, weak, afraid, bereaved and afflicted – for Your grace to be made perfect in their lives.

PC is about the care and wellbeing of the soul, and the whole person. We ask that as we develop the concept of Soul Care – You will guide us in this. It is not simply about making people feel better, sometimes it requires a steel like commitment to accountability, discipline and godly order.

As we look forward and consider what PC should look like in the future in the church, we ask for a fit for purpose, fruitful and pastorally sensitive ministry. Thank You for everyone who has a pastoral heart in church looking out for, caring for, and supporting people in church.

Shepherding is one the Fivefold main functions of the Church’s ministry. Shepherds not only looked after the flock, but also protected, guided and led the flock. You are our Good Shepherd – we ask that our PC will reflect Your nature and heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Sept 18 – Tech Team by Isaac Alawode

Lord God, we give You praise and thanksgiving for all You have done through the Tech team throughout the last 2 years. We rejoice for the numerous services we have been able to broadcast each week to ensure that Your name is magnified to all areas of the world.

Thank You, God, for teaching us from above, and giving us the wisdom to work through trials both broadcasting in church and online. We place our full trust in You as the great Provider, and thank You for the fruit that the ministry bears, all glory to You, Father God.

We ask for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit in the team, and for a coherence to be seen as they serve in all areas of the church that Tech is concerned with. We thank You, God that we are one body in Christ with each part playing a role that You have placed Your anointing on. We ask for this to overflow to all areas of the Church as we devote ourselves to Kingdom building. In Jesus’ name. Amen