Daily Prayers 5-11 September

Daily Prayers 5-11 September

Sept 5 – The focus of this week’s prayers, is our September’s month of prayer, fasting, and abstinence. The prayers are taken from our month of prayer booklet.

Kids Extravaganza by Felcia Khetia

Prayer for Teachers: Heavenly Father, we thank You for the ministry You have given to all the teachers and everyone involved in this ministry. We pray, Lord, fill us with Your Holy Spirit, and through Your knowledge we will be able to teach and guide the children in Christ-honouring ways.

Equip us, Lord, to have godly principles and standards. Train us so that we may be able to impart the knowledge of Your word and teach them the importance of reading the Bible, learning the Scriptures so that they may stand firm in the faith all the days of their lives.

Prepare our heart and minds so that as we teach and interact with them, every child will understand, receive Your word and obey it. Let every child who hears Your word learn to trust You, and call upon Your name.

Lord bless this ministry and help us to train these children for Your glory; we pray that the foundation of Your word will remain in their lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Sept 6Limitless Telford by Pastor Samuel

God, we look to You as we enter a new season with Limitless Telford. As this ministry begins to grow and build, we are so thankful for what You have done. We look to You as we move forward and build upon the great foundation You have laid.

We give our plans and desires to You, God. As You lead and guide the Limitless Telford team through Your Holy Spirit, this amazing ministry is for our young generation – we know good things will continue to happen.

As our young people begin to grow in their faith and build upon what they have already learned, we pray for Your blessing and favour upon their lives and the youth ministry. Lord Jesus, may we continue to build Your Kingdom here on earth among young people who know You – also reaching those that don’t yet know You. Amen

Sept 7Limitless Telford by Pastor Samuel

God, as young people decide to follow and pursue Christ with all that they have – may they know Your strength, protection and blessing upon their lives as they build their faith and strengthen their foundations in Christ.

God will You continue to open hearts and continue to speak to each and every young person that Limitless Telford comes into contact with. God we want to see You build and release a fresh generation of on fire young people that have been transformed by Your Gospel, grace and love.

You are the architect and builder in our young people’s lives. Continue to do what only You can do, God, and may young people be released, empowered and equipped to go out and share their story of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives.

May we see Your kingdom building in and through our young people as we, together, grow spiritually and numerically. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Sept 8Young Adults by Pastor Alisha

Jesus, we take this moment to be with You. Jesus we take this moment for You to search our hearts, search our motives, search our agendas, and show us what it is that You Will us to do.

Lord, teach us how to be in step with Your Spirit, and in time with You. We thank You, Lord, You are Almighty, the never failing God who knows exactly what He is doing. God in this moment we turn our hearts toward You. God use us as Your open vessels, enable us to be legitimate representatives of Your truth.

Let us ponder what the Psalmist wrote – ‘Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him’ (Psalms 37:7). We proclaim these words over our Young Adult ministry.

Help us, Lord, to be still; teach us, Lord, what true stillness is, what it looks like, what it feels like and what it means. Lord, teach us patience; show us how to cultivate true patience in the waiting, and in the testing times.

Lord Jesus, teach us Your ways, teach us how to live like You, teach us how to understand the importance of cultivating the habit of stillness and peace. Amen

Sept 9Worship by Pastor Alisha

Lord Jesus, as we open our mouths to sing, let us address You through song that leads to true worship. Lord, teach us and show us how we can freely be ushered into Your presence by opening our hearts to the presence and splendour of the One, true, living God.

Lord, enable us all to live a life worshipping You with everything we do and all that we are. I pray, Lord, that the private places, the places where we meet, connect, and receive from You, will overflow in every part of our lives as we worship.

Lord Jesus, I pray for an increase of Your presence, and protection upon Your people. Lord, I pray for Your diligent and discerning Spirit to be present richly anointing the church worship team during this season. Amen

Sept 10Small Groups by Steve Johnson

Father, in this new season, we ask for Your blessing on those facilitating small groups of every kind. Those already established, and those about to be born. Especially bless those stepping into new roles hosting and facilitating small groups for the first time.

We ask that You would establish new groups, and consolidate the existing ones. Holy Spirit, make them safe places for people to grow in grace, encounter Your Presence, relate with You and each other, develop their God-given giftings, and express the heart of the Gospel in an authentic way.

Above all, may all Your people grow in grace and in their knowledge of You. May they both encounter and express Your Kingdom in every area of their lives. Always growing, expanding in spiritual life, and becoming the best version of themselves, energised by the in-dwelling Spirit of Jesus. Amen

Sept 11 Small Groups by Steve Johnson

Lord Jesus, You who baptised us in Spirit and in Fire, we ask You to immerse us once again into Your plans, purposes and divine destiny. Purge us from all that holds us back, keeps us captive in any way, and seeks to disconnect us from an authentic and deep relationship with You that is our Blood-bought right.

May each small group express ‘family,’ in a way that reflects the larger church family. Each group sharing a common goal; reflecting the same larger vision; sharing together the same Table of Communion – the express symbol of ‘belonging.’

Embed each person into an environment that promotes personal growth and group effectiveness, each person encouraging, building-up, and promoting well-being in every area of life: spiritual, emotional and physical.

Align us with Your will, Your character, and Your purposes, for the Kingdom’s sake. Amen