Daily Prayers 7 – 13 March

Daily Prayers 7 – 13 March

Mar 7 – By Charlotte Adjepong. Wholeness:

Lord Jesus, You desire for us to walk in wholeness. We bring to You our weakness and brokenness – not only through physical illness, but through guilt, anxiety, and all the burdens which weigh us down. We also bring our concerns for others and for the world. We come to You who knows our needs before we ask, and whose love is stronger than suffering and death.

We come before You today, and lift our prayers asking for healing and wholeness. Jesus, You are powerful and loving; anyone who dwells in love dwells in You. You said, ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you’ (Luke 11:9)

So we lay all our cares, anxieties, pain, distress, doubts, fears and our concerns for others before You in prayer asking for Your power to be made perfect in each. We place ourselves in Your care, seeking Your will, Lord Jesus. We trust in Your love and grace, and thus knock asking for Your wholeness to fill the lives of all in our church, in person and online.

We are assured by Your love, and know that nothing can separate us from the love You have for us. Amen

Mar 8 – By Charlotte Adjepong. Relationships:

Lord Jesus, I pray for our relationships. We know how important they are and how Your word tells us to love one another. You call us to reflect Your heart in them reminding us of how loved we are, and how this enables us to love others.

You encourage us in our weakness, uplifting us when we are weary in spirit, challenging us to go deeper, and inviting us into Your fullness of life. Lord, I confess that relationships are not always easy, but declare that they are worth everything.

I pray for the people in our church, in person and online, and ask that their relationships will always reflect Your love. That they will always be guided by Your Holy Spirit. I pray for each person to deepen their relationship with You so they can live life to the fullness, and be the person in their relationships You call them to be.

Lord Jesus, we thank You that You are the giver of life; renew us by Your Spirit as we pray. We declare Your goodness, generosity and kindness every day. Amen

Mar 9 – By Himat Khetia. Father we know that these are the last days and Satan is attacking Your church. We pray against the powers of hell that are out there resisting the continuous growth of our church. We want to see a spiritual breakthrough as we engage in this fight of faith.

Your word says in Matthew 16:18, And I say unto you, thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’

From the beginning of the birth of the Church, the gates of hell have always fought to withstand the church’s advance as it seeks to break in and rescue souls from sin, Satan’s power, self’s hold and the world’s grip.

The devil knows that only the Church can frustrate and destroy his plans for the destruction and sin of humanity – he knows that You use the Church to preach and minister the Gospel which can save all who will believe in Christ. Help us to connect to You in order to secure divine intervention and power from heaven.

Therefore, by the preaching and ministry of Telford Elim – we disarm the enemy and release the captives in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Mar 10 – The rest of this week’s prayers are by Pastor Leslie. Jehovah Nissi: Father, You are a banner of encouragement giving us hope. You speak words of hope and encouragement to us. You are also our Commander, the One we rally to in the battles we face. Thank You that You are not just a banner, nissi, which is inanimate, lifeless, but You are our life-giving banner, the great I AM.

We do not look to the flag of our nation; rather to Christ Your Son, the Captain of our salvation. May we never lose sight of this as we live with the pressure of this world which seeks to make us conform to its blueprint for life.

You are with us in the battles of life with Your sleeves rolled up, getting stuck in, cheering us on, and taking up the fight when Your Spirit guides us to pray this simple prayer: ‘Lord Jesus, come in and fight this battle on our behalf.’

We are praying this for Ukraine. When we pray this, You will not just sit idly by observing us nor that nation being conquered by the powers of darkness. Instead, You will prove Yourself faithful and true.

Father, because of Your Son’s all-sufficient atonement, His victorious resurrection, and glorious ascension – we have the victory. You have sent Your Spirit to be in us, and to empower us to prevail in the battle of our faith over sin, Satan, self and the world. Thank You Lord JESUS. Amen

Mar 11 – Yahweh: Lord, Jehovah. Father, from the beginning of the Bible You are called by this holy name. Thank You that in Exodus 3, to Moses, You first revealed the full extent of what this meant, ‘I AM WHO I AM.’ You are the self-existent one.

Thank You Lord Jesus that You further elaborated on this when You said that You are Yahweh, the great I AM who is the Bread of Life, the Light of the world, the Door of the sheep, the Good Shepherd, the Resurrection and the Life, the Way, Truth and Life, and the True Vine.

Lord Jesus, everything You revealed about Yourself points us to One who saves, keeps, delivers, watches over and is faithful to His people. May Your name be hallowed in Telford | Shropshire because of our relationship with You, and because of our church’s worship, ministry and service, in person and online.

We pray for those in the besieged cities of the Ukraine, particularly Mariupol and Kharkiv, plus numerous other cities, towns, villages and communities. Siege warfare is a barbaric and annihilistic form of warfare that destroys people, starves them, and reduces their cities to rubble.

We pray that these sieges will be lifted, and a just peace established in every one of these places. Lord Jesus, we declare You as their great I AM the Bread of Life – may they be fed, protected by You the Good Shepherd and be able to drink from the true water of life. Amen

Mar 12 – You are Adonai: Lord and Master. Thank You that this is a plural form indicating You exist in Trinity, literally translated, ‘my Lords and my Masters.’ We give You praise that each member of the Godhead is our Lord and Master: Father, Son and Spirit.

As such, we recognise that Jesus is particularly revealed to be our Lord and Master, as well as Saviour, Redeemer, Judge, Healer and our heavenly Advocate – and we declare His lordship over our lives, church, community, nation – and particularly at this time of war, over the Ukraine. Save Ukraine and deliver it from its foes.

Fight on its behalf, and heal the nation and its people of their trauma and pain. Grant its leaders, people and army great wisdom, sound judgement, godly direction and victorious plans. We pray for an independent, self-governing and free from outside coercion or control Ukraine.

Help us as a church to reflect the relational aspect of Your nature and being in how we relate to each other, support each other, and pray for each other. May our fellowship together as Your Church reflect the mutuality and love that exists at the heart of Your relationship with each other.

May we grow together as disciples in a relational bond that reflects Your relational heart, always seeking to add new people into the framework of our relationship with each other – people who then become mature disciples themselves. We are asking that these disciples will have a clear insight into Your lordship, and its implications for their day by day lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Mar 13 – Jehovah Raah: The Lord our Shepherd. Father, Your Son is our Good Shepherd feeding us Your word – our leader and defender. You are the Lord who wills to lead me to drink living water, and to spiritually feed on His fresh bread! He is the Lamb of God who came to take away my sin.

As we follow our Shepherd, the Shepherd of His followers, grant us attentive minds, listening ears, watchful eyes, and obedient hearts so that we are fully surrendered to His lordship.

We pray for those sheep who are not yet in the fold of our church, but whom You have purposed will be – equip our church to reach them with the Gospel, prepare us to receive them, and train us to be disciple-making disciples.

Enlarge Your flock greatly in Telford Elim, in person and online. May we be a safe church for people to join, and then to belong to. Bless and empower our church leadership team to be diligent, skilful and Spirit-filled under-shepherds in Your service. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen