Daily Prayers 28 February – 6 March

Daily Prayers 28 February – 6 March

This week’s prayers are focussed on the war in Ukraine, and are written by Pastor Leslie

Feb 28 – Psalm 24:1, CSB, ‘The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord.’

Father, this is a foundational verse. It speaks about Your sovereign rule over all nations, and all people. Many among the nations and their people may not submit to Christ, Your appointed Saviour and Mediator, but that doesn’t mean that You have no authority over them.

You are the God of all of the earth, is anything too hard for You (cf. Jeremiah 32:27). You are completely impartial, and do not condone evil actions. You weigh the actions and secret intentions of people and the nations. You are able to save and deliver by many or by few; deliver Ukraine from Russia’s might and power, and turn all its people to Christ.

Lord, You see and know the intentions of the Russian government and its military. You know their secret plans and design to exert control and power over the people of Ukraine – to subjugate them to their will. Turn Russia’s nefarious schemes on their own heads, and deliver Ukraine from their evil attacks.

We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus – may their light shine and people see Jesus in and among them. May Your church in all three nations be led into a new season of growth and influence for Christ and His glory. Amen

Mar 1 – Amos 5:24, CSB, ‘Let justice flow like water, and righteousness, like an unfailing stream.’

Father, as the battle for Ukraine rages, and countless people are displaced from their homes and in fear of their lives – we pray for all combatants, all involved in the waging of this attack on Ukraine, and the nation and people of Ukraine. We pray for their deliverance.

As we pray for the nation of Ukraine and its people – we are coming to a God who is able. Lord, a nation and its people are being attacked and violated by a foreign oppressor. We ask for their salvation, for deliverance from their foes, and for the establishment of a righteous, just and lasting peace.

We ask that this battle will be turned for good and Christ’s glory. We pray that a new season will arise when the nations and peoples of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will be able to live together in safety, recognising each other’s right and validity to exist, to prosper and live within their own nations with joy, gladness and hope.

Lord, we pray for the raising up of new governments in Russia and Belarus which will focus on justice for all, and rule their nations in righteous ways so that the poor, marginalised, foreigner, widow, orphan and broken can find redemption and the support they need. Bless and watch over Your people in all three of these nations. In Jesus’ wonderful name. Amen

Mar 2 – Father, we pray that as the battle intensifies and more and more people are impacted, wounded and killed – we ask for breakthroughs leading to de-escalation, and the withdrawal of Russian and Belarusian forces. We pray that they will leave Ukraine a sovereign, independent and self-governing nation free from outside interference or threat.

We believe that Ukraine is fighting a just war in defence of its nation and people. We pray for our own nation, its leaders and policies as we stand with Ukraine in its time of trouble. We ask for great wisdom, understanding in this whole situation, and for guidance in what to say, how to act, and how to support Ukraine in this war.

May the UK government’s interventions be positive, constructive and effective in turning this war from its destructive path to a peaceful, righteous and just resolution of the conflict and all the issues that surround it. As the UK and its Allies discuss how best to act – may they be led to act in ways that ultimately help lead to the withdrawal of all Russian and Belarussian forces from Ukraine.

Lord, we also pray for the deliverance of Ukraine from demonic oppression and attack. We proclaim and declare the powerful name of Jesus over this conflict. That Christ will be glorified, and His people in Ukraine be able to testify to the amazing ways their God has kept, guided and undertaken for them through these days of war and trouble. Amen

Mar 3 – Father, there are so many false narratives being pushed by Russia and Belarus in this conflict. We take such falsehoods and deceptions captive in Jesus’ name. Instead of darkness, misinformation and untruth – we pray for light, right and truth to prevail. Expose the hidden works of darkness and overturn these in Christ-honouring ways.

We pray for each of the 24 regions in Ukraine, and all the cities, towns, villages and rural communities in them. In Scripture, areas are listed because they were important locations within which the people lived, worked, worshipped and served You.

Each region (Oblast) encompasses an area that is home to families, communities, churches, business, schools and all the fabric of a modern society. We pray for deliverance from the foe, and that each region will soon be free from war and violence. Instead of death and occupation in each – we pray for life, including spiritual life, and freedom for each region within a free Ukraine.

Therefore, we pray for each of these regions – that where there is oppression, battle, fear, threat and destruction – that You grant the grace and courage needed for the Ukrainian leaders in each region to govern their regions through this war in wise, astute and successful ways leading to new season of hope, peace and prosperity in a free Ukraine.

Cherkasy – Chernihiv – Chernivtsi – Dnipropetrovsk – Donetsk – Ivano-Frankivsk – Kharkiv – Kherson – Khmelnytskyi – Kyiv – Kirovohrad – Luhansk – Lviv – Mykolaiv – Odessa – Poltava – Rivne – Sumy – Ternopil – Vinnytsia – Volyn – Zakarpattia – Zaporizhzhia – Zhytomyr. Each of these regions is unique – and You know the needs within each. We pray that all of these needs will be met according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Amen

Mar 4 – Father, one of the big elements of this war is the ability of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his government, to engage through Social Media, and other online platforms, with his people and the world. We pray that as they do so, they will be truthful, pithy and able to speak about the hope for today’s struggles to lead to a better tomorrow for the nation and its people.

I thank You that there is power in the name of Jesus – there is protection and authority in His name, and that His blood is effective and powerful in defeating the enemy and his strategies. Your word is rich with accounts of how You protect and engage in the battle with those who are ungodly or seek to bring others into bondage and slavery to their antichrist will.

As we pray about this war, we ask for Your divine protection over the people of Ukraine, and us as we pray into these great issues. We ask for the strong light of Christ and His word to surround the nation, and us, the blood of Jesus to cover and cleanse, and the cross of Christ to seal and protect (Richard Foster, Money, Sex and Power, Chp: The ministry of power, p.621).

We pray that the prince of the power of the air will be dethroned in this war, his evil schemes and influences broken, and his rule over the ungodly be brought into derision, confusion and defeat.

We are confident that You are with Your people in all three nations involved, and are praying that they will be able to stand for and witness to Christ in all that is happening. That many will be saved in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

We pray that You will fight on the behalf of Ukraine as it faces the overwhelming forces arrayed against it. Deliver it from its attackers and oppressors, fight on its behalf with all who seek to destroy its light and right to exist in its present form, and may it see breakthroughs and victories in all its battles, physical and spiritual, with its enemies.

In the natural all this seems impossible, but we are coming to You, a God who says everything is possible to those who will believe (cf. Mark 9:23). In Jesus’ name. Amen

Mar 5 – ‘Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts. 10For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up’ (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, CSB).

Father, as we consider the battle for Ukraine – we are not ignorant of Satan’s strategies; he desires to isolate and then to overcome that one in his or her isolated state. As we pray today for Ukraine – Russia is trying to isolate Ukraine and its people from outside assistance. We pray that these plans will fail.

In Ukraine’s hour of trouble and need – may it have many friends and companions who will stand with it, and will help it stand through this war. We pray that Ukraine will not fall as an independent, free and open democracy. Instead, that the Ukrainian people will have all the support they need, and Your supernatural support through these days, in the long run, to win this war and be set free from Russian and Belarussian aggression and force of arms.

Its enemies’ strategy is to transform Ukraine into a Russian puppet state which is a vassal of Russia and under the power and control of its Russian masters. They desire to create a new, pro-Russian constitution, and to get rich on the backs of the Ukrainian people’s servitude and work, and their country’s rich natural resources. Expose and break such strategies. In Jesus’ name and for His glory.

We pray for the churches in Ukraine – that they will be prophetically guided in how best to respond, minister and witness to Christ in these days. As the Ukrainian people turn to their churches for support and spiritual guidance – may they find vibrant, Spirit-filled churches which are rooted in Christ and rich in biblical truth and agape love. Amen

Mar 6 – Father, when we are filled with Your Spirit – our prayer lives are changed. We desire to pray in the Spirit as we pray for Ukraine as a nation and its people. Thank You that our prayers can reach places we will never visit, and have an impact in arenas that we will never stand in or influence in a human way.

As I come to You today – fill me with Your Spirit, renew my inner life, and equip and train me to pray as You call me to. Prayer is the life blood of the believer, it connects me with You in a very special way. I declare that prayer does work because it connects me with You, and fills me with Your presence, grace and power as I live my life following Jesus.

A life without prayer in the Spirit ultimately only enables my abilities to flourish, it is a powerless spiritual life dependent on my human abilities, talents and energy. Prayer in the Spirit connects me with Your resources, supernatural and beyond human ingenuity.

Lord, President Putin is seeking to re-establish the Soviet Union – a failed empire of the past which was rotten at its core because it was built upon antichrist foundations. May his plans fail and his aspirations be thwarted. Instead of a new Russian empire, I pray for a Russia built on the principles of justice for all, righteousness and truth. Save many in Russia and Belarus.

Bless Your people in Ukraine, and through them their nation and all its people – no matter what their background or race is. In Jesus’ name. Amen