Daily Prayers 3-9 October

Daily Prayers 3-9 October

Prayers for our Nation and the World in turmoil by Pastor Leslie.

Oct 3 – Father, as we pray this week – there is so much turmoil wherever we look – war in Ukraine, drought and famine in East Africa, floods and severe storms in many places, and the continuing impact of Covid-19. We pray for wisdom, understanding and insight in how to navigate these days, and to pray effectively for our world.

The world around us is in such a state because they have largely abandoned Your word and its blueprint for a godly life. As we think of this, we acknowledge the following:

1. There is a post-Christian Sinful Evil Culture reshaping Society in our nation, which in turn is actively seeking to impose its Sinful Lifestyle and Philosophies on those who do not conform to its worldly outlook.

2. There are basic building blocks to the post-Christian Culture – these include intolerance, harsh and critical condemnation of any opposing view, entrenched political outlooks and extremes, division and hatred of the ‘other,’ a humanist philosophy for Society, Rationalism, Materialism and many more which are largely antichrist in nature and are driving the change in our nation and in many nations.

3. We see it in terms of rebellion against God’s Word, Ways and Will. It is no accident that these elements are coming together at this time in our Society, as they all misrepresent, or reject out rightly, that Jesus is the eternal Son of God.

Father, enable us to not only understand what is happening, but to be able to engage with Culture and Society on Your terms – through a biblical moral outlook, a missional hearted love for people, and by standing on the principles of salvation, redemption and a godly society revealed in Your word. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Oct 4 – Father, at the heart of each part of the Dark Culture around us is a rejection of the biblical truth about sin and sinful human nature, and a reliance on the power of the world’s philosophies, religions, politics and altruism to positively change Society. It is a time when many are open and vulnerable to Satan’s evil power to rob, kill and destroy.

By embracing this Dark Culture, Society is embracing everything that leads to the removal of Your blessing and favour from it, to spiritual death, and the ultimate destruction of that Society by itself as it openly opposes Christ and degenerates further.

How do we reframe our Culture and thus renew Society in a Christ-honouring way? Father, Your answer is Christ, His Church and the establishment of the principles and reign of Your Kingdom.

As we develop our understanding of the Kingdom, learn more about being citizens of Your Kingdom, and transfer our loyalty to the King of the Kingdom, the Lord Jesus – we have a profound influence on others. Embolden us by the Spirit, and equip us to grasp these opportunities so the reign of Christ is established in more hearts and lives, and more widely in our Society itself. Amen

Oct 5 – Father, as we consider the government of this United Kingdom – we pray very particularly for our Government, all the opposition parties, elected officials, the Civil Service and our Monarchy. May these institutions of State be guided and directed by Your Spirit – the One who also chose and guided a pagan king, Cyrus (Isaiah 45:1).

We thank You for those born again believers whom You have strategically called and placed at the heart of our government and national institutions. Bless, guide and grant them Your heavenly favour.

We also have confidence to pray this way because of the original Creation principles enshrined in humanity and the society it creates – of seedtime and harvest, good human governance and responsibility for that creation; therefore, we do pray for laws and policies which are for the benefit of society, and which encourage people to consider others and what is best for them. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Oct 6 – Father, as we pray about good governance, we also consider the many nations in the world where there is poor to bad governance. For too long many governments have ruled their people badly, governed selfishly for their own profit, and been influenced by short-term goals and aspirations.

We pray for the positive transformation of governance across many nations in the Middle East, Asia, South and Central America, Africa, and in Russia and Belarus. May the rest of the world recognise that such a wonderful change could not have happened unless the power of Christ made it possible, believers prayed for it to happen, and the Church lived out and preached the Gospel.

We pray for good leaders, good policies and Your help to enable them to cast off any outside forces that would seek to retain the corrupt, antichrist status quo. Establish righteousness, truth and true justice in the nations. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Oct 7 – Father, we pray for an efficient, effective and fair tax system in the UK. We appreciate that as a nation we have been living beyond our national income running a structural deficit since the 1960’s, that is often large budget deficits, and an ever increasing national debt.

We bring this complex and difficult problem to You. May the greed, avarice and selfishness which prevent a moral, conscience led response leading to fair taxation, investment and government spending and policies, especially among many with the wherewithal to contribute more, become recognised as an evil thing.

May our legal, judicial and financial institutions begin to see the joy and blessing of selfless stewardship and good citizenship. May a change in government thinking take place in this area leading to a transformation in society making us a more considerate, more focussed on our neighbours good, and a more loving society.

May our budget deficit be eradicated and we become a nation with a structural surplus – our national debt beginning to be reduced allowing more money released to build a just, fair, godly and Christ-honouring society. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen

Oct 8 – Father, as we think about the turmoil and problems in our world – we are reminded of the words, ‘He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). Holy Spirit, we declare You are greater than any of the problems in the world, any of the challenges people face, and greater than all enemies of our soul.

As such we pray for an increase in Your felt presence in our nation – Holy Spirit, be pleased to release more of Your nobility, power and dignity through the UK Church, and in the governance of our nation. We ask also that Your convicting power will fall as Your people live out their faith in Society, pointing people to their need to repent and believe in Jesus.

We also pray for Your restraining role to continue preventing the ultimate triumph of evil and wickedness as human nature’s total depravity works itself out in Christ-dishonouring ways – may Your restraining ‘hand’ apply an ever-increasing righteous brake to the decadence, selfishness and depravity of our society.

May Your impact on Society through Your people, and directly as You intervene in human affairs, lead people to seek Jesus and His salvation. We proclaim that Jesus is the only Mediator between God and humanity, and we seek to lift His name high over the nations through our lives, church and ministries. Amen.

Oct 9 – Father, today we pray for our church’s small group ministries. As Steve Johnson preaches and speaks about the importance and blessing of small groups – anoint, bless and guide. We ask that our church will continue to grow and develop its small group ministries, that many more will join them, and that they will be catalysts for further spiritual renewal in many people.

We pray ultimately for Your Saving Grace in Christ to flow through our church, Your Church in this nation out into the people of our land as they live, work and serve in the governmental structures of our society including in politics, industry and commerce, innovation and development, education and opportunity, health, welfare and social care, in retail and the service sector, in the 3rd sector and in every local community across the length and breadth of this UK.

We ask for a godly Reformation of every part of our society. May salvation in Christ flow like a might river throughout this United Kingdom. Amen.