Daily Prayers 29 March – 4 April

Daily Prayers 29 March – 4 April

The following prayers have been written by Steve Higgins. Steve prays about work and the workplace.

March 29 – Prayer for the work place.

Heavenly Father, as we start this day, let us remember how blessed we are to be in a job. Remind us to be grateful for the work we do, the people we meet, and the wage we receive. May we be helpful and friendly towards all those we work with.

You have called us to be salt and light in the world so we pray that the presence of the Holy Spirit would empower us to minister Your love and grace to those we meet during the working day.

Help us to work honestly and with integrity, giving the very best that we can give with a song of praise in our hearts. You are the one who enables us in all that we do.

Colossians 3:23, ‘Whatever you do, do as for the Lord and not for men.’ In Jesus’ name. Amen

March 30 – Prayer for the working day.

Lord, we give thanks for the blessings You pour into our lives. Having a job enables us to pay our bills and put food on our tables. We give thanks that You are the God of provision, and all work has significance because work is part of Your Creation Ordinances given by You to enable humankind to flourish.

Give us grace and strength to work hard to achieve all that is given to us to do bringing glory to Christ’s name. Lead us to make wise decisions and keep our eyes focused on the path You set before us.

Keep us from temptation or distractions that may lead us astray so that Your name is glorified in the work we do. Give us grace and strength so we are able to complete the hardest tasks that our jobs demand giving honour to Christ’s name. Amen

Philippians 4:13, ‘I am able to do all things through Christ who strengthens me;’ Proverbs 16:3, ‘Commit your activities to the Lord, and your plans will be established.’

March 31 – Prayer for those looking for work or a change in career.

Father God, we know that You know our needs and our desires. We pray for all those looking for a new job or a new career with new challenges. We know that You are able to lead and guide us to the right job for who we are; we pray for Your wisdom for those who are searching for opportunities to present themselves in their journey to find new employment.

We also recognise that sometimes You use difficult work settings to refine and season us – a way to train us in dependence on You. So many times in the difficult settings we learn to prove Your word and faithfulness, and apply biblical principles which are of benefit beyond the workplace. May we always be salt and light in our workplaces – even as we wait for a change in career. In Jesus’ name. Amen

April 1 – Prayer for protection in the work place.

Lord, we pray for Your physical and spiritual protection in the work place, where our influence, priorities and our character are tested daily. Keep us from any foolish actions that reap harsh consequences, and any careless words that carry ungodly weight among our work colleagues.

Help us to speak only words that are pleasing to You, and to guard our lips. We pray for the power of the Spirit to enable us to resist the temptation to be swayed away from our convictions. May Telford Elim, online and in person, will be a church that equips its people to be good employers and employees, able to live out their faith in every given setting.

Help us to remember we belong to You and not to compromise our standards in order to fit in to a worldly remit. Our work is important to You, so turn us away from slothfulness or misplaced priorities. When disagreements or misunderstandings arise, guard us against impatience or anger.

We ask that You would enable us to keep our own sinful nature at bay as we walk in the Spirit and thus allowing the fruits of the Holy Spirit to shine through our lives in every demanding situation.

We thank You for Christ’s promise that He will never leave nor abandon us, and that Your Spirit lives inside us to give wisdom, understanding and security against those who want to pull us away or harm us.

We bring before You all those that are working from home during this Pandemic. Father, we know that this can be difficult at times and the isolation can have a detrimental effect on mental health causing tension in family life. We pray that Your presence would enable all who work from home fulfil the tasks they have to do, and that they would always feel a sense of achievement giving glory to Christ’s name. Amen

April 2 – Prayer for the workplace.

Father God, on this Good Friday as we consider the finished work of Christ on the Cross, we give thanks for His example of completing the work given Him to do. You have made work an important part of life, and for giving us the opportunity to be a witness for Christ in the workplace.

We give thanks for the good days, also for the days that are challenging – we thank You also for the gifts You have given us; may we use them to make the world a better place through the work we do. We plead the blood of Jesus over our workplaces and stand in the light of Christ as we seek to be all You call us to be in them. Bless our colleagues, and may we be an encouraging presence in their lives.

Help us to use the skills given to us so we will be productive, focused and insightful. We pray that Your Holy Spirit would fill us with joy, making us more creative in the work we do with a heart full of thankfulness and worship. May our thoughts and inspirations come from You, Lord, so that we might give glory to Christ. Amen

April 3 – Prayer for those who are searching for work

Lord, we also remember the people that have lost their jobs as a result of the Pandemic – that You would sustain them and grant Your peace to surround them during this time of insecurity. May they soon find good jobs to replace those they have lost. We pray that they will call out to Christ for help and salvation.

We think of many who are suffering financial difficulties at this time which is causing tension and unrest within families. May they look to You, being drawn into Your presence as they seek a way forward to new pastures through Your love and provision.

Bless the work of Christians Against Poverty as they support many in our nation. Bless Jane Preston and the local CAP Debt Centre here in Telford as it brings collective Scriptural wisdom and power to bear in often difficult settings – but a wisdom and power that sets people free from the bondage of debt. May many come to Christ as Saviour because of CAP’s ministry in Telford. In Jesus’ name. Amen

April 4 – On this Easter Sunday, Father, we remember those who work in the NHS, emergency services, in the Social Service, in the Care Sectors, and in Essential jobs. Over this last year of Covid-19, many have worked hard, long hours in very difficult and challenging circumstances.

We give You thanks for them and pray that You would continue to strengthen them in their work, and help them as they use their skills to serve the public every day.

We also pray for teachers who teach our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren – that our schools be a safe environment for children and young adults to learn life skills that will take them forward to achieve all that they would want to do with their lives. We pray that Christ and the Gospel will be part of our schools through the engagement of local churches and Christian organisations. Bless the Association of Christians Teachers as it supports Christian teachers and lecturers. In Jesus’ name. Amen