21 – 27 June

21 – 27 June

The aim of this week’s daily prayers is firstly to acknowledge God’s love, then ask for forgiveness, and finally help us and our nation lay the foundations for a future where we can build a better God centred British Isles. The prayers are written by Bernard Langford.

Monday, June 21 – Thanks and praise – Psalm 121

Father, we want to thank You that You have drawn us into Your presence through Christ. Thank You that You are Love, and not a tyrant figure that demands religious practices to be performed; Your heart’s desire is to have a meaningful relationship with each and every one of us through the Lord Jesus. 

A relationship that goes down deep and penetrates our hearts; a relationship that gives love, security, protection, encouragement and healing. A relationship that brings peace that passes all understanding, and a relationship that wants the very best for every single one of us.

We give You our praise and worship for being such a wonderful Heavenly Father. Heal our land and renew it so that its foundations are rooted in Christ – its law and governance rooted in Your Word’s truth and principles. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Tuesday, June 22 – Forgiveness – Nehemiah 1: 3-11

As we come into Your presence, Heavenly Father, we realise straight away that we fall short of the standards that You would like us to achieve.  We see Your glory but also our own imperfections. Like Nehemiah we acknowledge that we do not always see, and do things that please You. Forgive us for not putting Christ first in every part of our lives. 

Lord Jesus, we see that many in the world around us have turned their backs on You and, as a consequence, society is broken in so many ways. As Christians we pray that Your Spirit will convict us in the areas of our personal lives that need correction, and trust that You will provide the grace for us to put things right. 

Equally Lord, we pray for the people in our nation – that they would also ‘wake up’ to the reality of the lives they are leading by doing a ‘u-turn,’ repent, call upon You for salvation, and acknowledge you as their Lord and Saviour. Continue to conform us to Your image, and save and redeem our nation, Lord Jesus! Amen

Wednesday, June 23 – Equality – James 2; Proverbs 11: 24-25

Father, we thank You that You created all men and women equal, and You make it clear that no one should be favoured more than another, whether rich or poor.  

We thank You that Jesus set the example by always connecting with the poor and disadvantaged within society rather than the rich and those in power.  Father, we ask that You will help our nation bridge the gap between the different sections of society, whether the difference is through the colour of our skin or the size of our bank balance.  

We also pray that our government will be able to deliver on their policy of sharing the wealth across our country so that those that are presently struggling can begin to enjoy a better standard of living, and those who have wealth will become more generous in their giving for the benefit of others, and our nation. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Thursday, June 24 – Fair and Ethical business – Proverbs 3:27

Thank You Lord that we have a Heavenly Father who we can depend upon and supplies all our needs. As individuals we give You thanks for the wonderful provision that You give in and through Christ. 

Lord, we also thank You for Christian businesses that exist in our nation e.g. “The Entertainer” toy shop group who endeavour to be a witness for You in our High Streets – Richly bless them. 

However, Lord we are also aware that many other businesses in our land seek only to line their own pockets at the expense of their workers or customers. We pray that such organisations will be brought to account, and that they will be replaced with ones that only ‘seek to serve’ rather than ‘seek to satisfy themselves’ and their selfish interests. 

We pray that the management of these businesses will come to know Christ so that they can bring fairness to their workers and adopt strong ethical business practices. That the workers will also turn to Christ. As a result of managers and workers serving together in Christ-honouring ways, we pray that Christian worship, ingenuity and entrepreneurship, and godly practices of industry and science will strengthen and bless these private companies and public sector services. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Friday, June 25 – Heal our broken land – Nehemiah 1: 4-11

Father, in the books within the Bible outlining the lives of the Kings that followed David, we see the nation of Israel moving further and further away from You. We also see how You lost patience with their disobedience as they constantly chose not to follow Your guidelines and principles. As a consequence, they were taken off into exile where they stayed for many years – some never to return. 

Lord, in many ways we see around us similar things happening with our own country where Christ is completely dismissed by so many people and institutions – schools, local and central government, police and businesses. Some parents and families don’t even know about Jesus. We have so many broken homes which are so dysfunctional – lives that are completely broken.

Father, we know how You have straightened out our own personal lives and brought us to a place of peace and prosperity in and through our saving faith in the Lord Jesus. We ask that Your Spirit will help our nation turn their eyes to Jesus so that our government (local and national), our schools, our police, legal profession and businesses (plus others) will be Christ centred.

Lord Jesus, we ask that more and more people in authority will come to know You, and become great ambassadors for You. That they will use this new found wisdom – that only Your Spirit and word can give – to straighten out our nation. Make this nation a beacon for Christ’s light and life to the world. Amen

Saturday, June 26 – Pandemic recovery – Matthew 6:25-34

Father, this Covid19 pandemic has brought so many different problems for us as individuals, our church and the nation. Our congregation has been isolated, and collective worship brought to an effective stand-still.

As we face many more weeks of this Lockdown – we ask that You will be gracious to us and continue to minister to each and everyone within Telford Elim, in person and online. 

We pray also that You will equip us so that we may be able to minister effectively to the community around us, whether it be in the sadness of death, the pain and worry in illness, the despair and fear in mental health, or the loneliness that haunts so many. 

We pray too for the businesses, whether local or national, that they will have the resources or help to survive and thrive. Most of all, Lord Jesus, we ask that all the people who are struggling will open their hearts and minds to You.  We know what a wonderful Saviour and Provider You are – Hallelujah! Amen

Sunday June 27 – Christ is the answer – Proverbs 16:3; Colossians 1:15-20

Father, we see around us how individuals try to fix things that are wrong in their lives only to witness how, in many cases, these get worse. We see how local and central government put in place policies that also do not always achieve the desired outcome. 

Sometimes we too, as Christians, make decisions without bringing the situation prayerfully before You, again, only to see that things don’t work out.  Scripture reveals that all godly characters like Moses, Joshua, Nehemiah and others succeeded by bringing all situations before You. Teach us how to apply this great Scriptural principle in every situation – pray about everything.

You are the only God, Father, Son and Spirit, who created all things – and what a wonderful job You made of it. We know that this country will only ever become a ‘beacon of light’ when people turn to Christ for help and salvation – and so we pray for many to turn to Jesus. 

Heavenly Father, Christ is the answer to every problem, and we earnestly pray that the nation will turn their hearts and lives to Him. We need You, Lord Jesus to restore this land. Come Jesus – save, heal and deliver many in our nation through the ministries of Telford Elim, in person and online.

Bless Pastor Alisha as she preaches this morning in church, and may a great anointing rest upon her, and Pastors Samuel and Leslie as they speak at this evening’s Spirituality Live online. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen