Daily Prayers 18-24 April

Daily Prayers 18-24 April

This week’s prayers are written by Nina Brazier.

18 Apr – Ourselves – Father, I have so much to be thankful for; thank You for my freedom to praise You, for living in a country with such security that others don’t get to live in. Thank You for clothing and feeding me, and ensuring I have what I need to carry on.

I pray for Your continued grace in my life, that I will be obedient in it to walk Your path and not my own. As the world tempts – that I will stay steadfast in Your will.

Our great provider and comforter, teach us how to dig in and hold onto Your word in faith when things get rocky. When we see no way through the trials of life, that our faith will hold and we remain securely rooted in Christ.

Thank You that my future is in Your hands, that Your will for me is glorious in Christ. Amen

19 Apr – Our families – Holy Spirit, we pray for our unsaved loved ones, that You will minister, convict and work in their lives drawing them to Jesus. That Christ’s true majesty will be revealed to them so that hearts and lives will be changed.

Mighty God save them in Jesus’ name. Use us as vessels, as messengers, witnesses to speak into their lives.

Thank You for those wise Christian friends in our lives that walk life with us. That reach out when we need them, who listen, who advise, those that pray with us even when we are too weak to do so. Bless those friends, and may we be strong and wise enough to be there when they need a partner in prayer.

I pray for our children – may they know Your love all of their days. May they continue to be inquisitive and long to know more of You. I pray for confidence in their faith, for faithful Christian friendships. As parents, carers or guardians – give us the knowledge to share and the wisdom to guide. In Jesus’ name. Amen

20 Apr – Our church – I pray for Telford Elim, in person and online; thank You for all who attend either as regular members, visitors or infrequent attendees. I pray that this will be a place of refuge, where people feel they are home in the Spirit, where all are welcomed, where they can freely express their praise.

Let this church be a place of teaching biblical truths, where the world is understood through the lense of Your word. Where people can apply Your word to their lives.

May Telford Elim be a place of forgiveness, not of holding grudges. Where relationships are healed.

Thank You for the history of this Church, for the trials and celebrations. For the lives saved, for the dedication of those who serve.

Thank You, God, for our pastors, for Leslie, Samuel and Alisha. May You bless and uphold them, protect them and their families. We pray the same over our Elders and Deacons, may they serve the Church wisely, thank You for their commitment, dedication and love for Your people. In Jesus’ name. Amen

21 Apr – Our community – We bring Telford and it’s people before You. Let it be a place where Jesus shines. Let it be filled with love and compassion where discrimination has no place. We pray for healing in our community, for those suffering and living a life of hurt, let them find freedom in Christ.

We pray for the businesses in our community, Lord, let them prosper and thrive in this difficult time; bless the hands who work hard in them, the families that own them, and employees that run them.

We pray for our hospital, thank You for such a great resource, for a hub of care and employment opportunity. We pray blessings over each care giver that works there, thank You for everything they sacrifice to provide medical services, we pray that You will meet their every need.

Thank you Lord Jesus for Telford. Amen

22 Apr – Our nation – Right now our nation is in a time of extended financial struggle which is only forecast to get worse. A time where inflation and the cost of everyday, essential resources are soaring but wages struggle to keep up.

People are scared for the coming year, for how they will heat their homes, feed their families and continue to run their car.

I pray against this spirit of fear – for that is not what we are called to have. Father, Your are the great provider and I pray for a breakthrough in this area. That people will not go hungry or have to make tough choices between heating their homes or feeding their family. I pray that You will bring in control of these increasing costs, that help and support will be there when people need it.

I pray that this situation will bring people to Jesus, that they will look to You to supply their needs. As a Church, help us to step up and help our community and nation, to keep them in our prayers, to provide practical support, to petition our leaders.

Let this be a time of great awakening. When more will look to Jesus, where as a nation we step up to support people who are struggling. Amen

23 Apr – Our world – Father, our world is in a time of great conflict. Where there is fighting and many displaced. You are the giver of peace through Christ. Let Your peace reign in these nations.

For leaders involved, grant them wisdom and soften their hearts to enable an end to the conflict, open their eyes to the great pain and damage being caused in the name of greed and pride. We pray that those causing this conflict will be brought to justice.

I pray for those innocent people having to live in the shadow of war. Lord, protect them, especially the vulnerable and frightened. Be their strength and hope. Open wide Your arms, let them know Your compassion and love.

Heal those who are injured or grieving, Lord, be their rock, sweet Jesus, let them know Your presence right now. Amen

24 Apr – Our world – Father, I pray for healing of our planet, for all the damage done by mankind. For the carelessness taken or the lack of knowledge of the damage being caused. Help us to protect and take care of Your creation from now.

Help us to see the impact of our everyday choices. That we will use Your gifted resources with wisdom and due care, and not waste them.

Thank You for the incredibly beautiful creation You created, we are blessed to have it, help us to treat it with respect. I pray for an end to waste, that resources and food will be shared equally and not stored up for some to enjoy and for others to go without.

We pray for those already facing the consequences of global damage, those facing droughts, floods and storms. Lord, grant them strength, hope and resilience.

We pray for world leaders: that You may grant them wisdom to make the right decisions to recover and stop further turmoil for those living with the direct consequences of global greed and the mismanagement of Your Creation. We pray for a new age of good, godly management of Your Creation. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen