Song of Songs

The following Blog has been written by Jenny Arnold: During the past weeks of what has become known as ‘this time of isolation,’ we have

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Leevonne Irwin

Good afternoon One of the saddest parts of the Covid-19 crisis, is the fact that many people are dying without their loved ones being able

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Remaining Connected

We live in extraordinary times, each day astonishing things are happening. It is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed, to feel very small in the

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Generosity – Nine words for Giving

He calls us to live with open hearts & open hands which frees us from the grip of Consumerism, Materialism & other possession & finance related lifestyles; allowing these to space in our lives can lead to spiritual & financial bondage.

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Reframing Culture – Renewing Society:

We often talk about the encroachment & power of the Culture of the post-Christian Society we live in. What we mean is that the behaviour, norms, beliefs, moral values & practices – the Culture which underpins, sets & creates the general outlook, lifestyle & aspirations of the people who live together in the UK, & Western world

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