7-13 June

7-13 June

The prayers are written by Denise Gore and are focussed on Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

June 7 – 1 Timothy 1:15, ‘Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.’

Father, as we think about Jesus as our Lord and Saviour this week, thank You for the perfect living sacrifice of His cross so that we can be redeemed and reconciled to You. God. Help us to fully appreciate and accept this truth, to continue to be strengthened in our hearts, by faith.

Help us to fully understand this truth so, like when Paul grasped it, we will see our sinfulness and know that no matter how good a person we are, or how good a life we lead, it is only through Jesus that we can be saved, have eternal life and be made right with You. In Jesus’ name. Amen

June 8 – 1 Timothy 1:15, ‘Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.’

Thank You, Father for the certainty of this verse, and the knowledge that Jesus came on a divine mission to save us from sin. Thank You, Jesus that You are the way, the truth, the life and light.

As the psalmist said, “My sin is ever before me.” Lord, we can feel guilt and shame, and be tempted to turn away from You in our wretchedness; yet Your word tells us You came to call sinners to repent so that we may be saved. This can be so overwhelming; help us take this word to heart and depend on it – we are overcomers because of Your mercy and grace in and through Jesus, blessings that we do not deserve but You give freely in Christ.

Words are not always enough, we thank You Jesus, that You are the king of all Kings and Lord of all Lords; Sovereign Lord, reign over us, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

June 9 – Jesus we ask that You reign in our hearts and have Your rightful place as Lord and Saviour. May we become more and more like You, a beacon of light, and hope in the darkness. Thank You for Your grace and mercy in our lives and Your unfailing love.

Forgive us Lord when we do not follow Your example, and love as You love, break our hearts for what breaks Yours. Thank You that we know if we confess our sins, You are faithful and just and will forgive and purify us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

Help us, Jesus, to honour You in all our ways and share Your gospel message far and wide, and make disciple making disciples bringing much glory to You abd Your name. Amen.

June 10 – Father, as we think about the new way of doing things, the ‘hybrid’ church – both online and in person services and ministry, we pray for wisdom and discernment for the Church Leadership Team (CLT) as they make decisions and plan for the future. May they always confess You, Jesus, as their Lord and Saviour, praising Your holy name, serving You and Your church according to Your will.

Bless and protect them and their families, order their steps and fill them with Your Holy Spirit’s power and anointing. May they be accountable to You, each other and the wider church as they seek to serve You and build Your church.

We pray that Christ will always at the centre of all that we are, and all that we do, leading by example and fully reliant on You Lord Jesus. Amen.

June 11 – Father as we seek to become more evangelistic and find new ways to share the hope we have in You, Jesus, help us all realise that this is for everyone to do – the Great Commission is for each individual Christian to do.

We each have a mission field: family, friends, colleagues, school/college/university/ work, neighbours, online church, wherever we are and wherever we go; help us to see and fulfil opportunities to talk about You Jesus.

In every circumstance we know You, Lord Jesus, are in control and provide all that we need; yet we can still fail to share this Good News with others. We are no longer in condemnation as we are in You, Christ Jesus; yet many around us are struggling. Thank you Jesus that You came to also seek and save the lost; help us to be willing vessels used by You in new and innovative ways to reach people and bring glory to You in and through Telford Elim, online and in person. Amen.

June 12 – Father, thank You for a new day, and that Your mercies are new every morning. We pray for opportunities today to share about You, Jesus. Thank You for all You have done for us, both individually and collectively as a church.

We all have experienced Your grace and mercy when we sometimes have least deserved it, and Your immeasurable love has overflowed in our lives. You have protected, provided, directed and comforted us, and will continue to do so as we obey Your commands and seek Your will.

Father, we know that as we partner with Your Holy Spirit, You will give us the wisdom, boldness and confidence to share about Jesus the Saviour in a way that people will understand, and will draw them to Christ by Your Spirit. Hear and answer prayer, Lord. We pray that many will be saved, and live lives that glorify the Lord Jesus becoming disciple-makers themselves. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

June 13 – Father, thank You for Your word that is food for our souls; help us to be intentional everyday in taking time to study and meditate on it, may it be at the very heart of our lives.

Help us to be gracious and practice kindness and compassion in all our relationships, and especially to those who don’t know the Lord Jesus yet. May we have the joy of leading people to the Lord Jesus, and see them saved and beginning to grow as His disciples – their lives being transformed by Your grace, Spirit and word in Christ-honouring ways.

The Psalmist David in Psalm 103:2 says, ‘Praise the Lord my soul, and forgot not all his benefits.’ May we continually remember and share all You have done for us, only in and through Christ, knowing that we no longer have to live with guilt and shame and all the worries of this life; rather we can know peace, freedom and joy in all circumstances when we place our lives in Jesus’ hands. We praise and worship You Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Pour out Your Spirit in and through Telford Elim, in person and online. Amen.