Daily Prayers 28 December – 3 January

Daily Prayers 28 December – 3 January

Dec 28 – The theme for the first four days of daily prayers, ‘Praying for unity in the body of Christ – in Telford Elim,’ is developed by Himat Khetia:

The world is confused and divided therefore we pray for true harmony.

Help us, O Lord, to be united together in the body of Christ that we may have the same goal of reaching out to the world with Your Gospel, helping the needy, and allowing Your light, in Christ, to shine in this dark and confused world. For Your word says that we are the light of the light of the world.

Help us to be faithful and merciful in all that we do in Telford Elim, in person and online. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Dec 29 – Prayers to rely upon God. Father, please forgive us for the many times we have made our own decisions and, as a result, find ourselves in a mess. Teach us, Lord, to practice waiting upon You and seeking Your help in all things.

Your word says that we should trust in You with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding – in All our ways acknowledge You, or put You first. When we are burdened, help us to remember that we need to bring our burdens to You and carry Christ’s yoke which is lighter and better fitted for us rather than the world’s hard and heavy yoke.

Help us not to focus on the bigness of our needs – but on your bigness and the greatness of Your ability in Christ through Your Spirit and word. Amen  

Dec 30 – We pray for our schools. I come to You, Lord, and plead for Your grace and intervention in our schools to bring unity and peace.

I pray for the teachers that they have wisdom and understanding to teach and guide the children in the right path – and also for the students so they may learn and be respectful in society.

We also bring before You the teachers that they may have patience and the right skills for teaching. I pray for parents, that they cooperate for smooth functioning of the schools and help their children, and that many of them will be saved.

Lord, we know that educating the next generation is so valuable. We also ask that they may be taught Your word, will and ways so that many young people and children will be saved in Christ, and grow in the knowledge and understanding of Your way for life: Worship, Witness, Service and Fruitfulness in Christ. We bring this request to you in His Name. Amen

Dec 31 – Prayers for our church: Help us to intercede on behalf of our church. You know our imperfections and the issues we face. Help us to unite under Your banner and to put aside any differences that would hinder Your Spirit’s moving amongst us.

Remind us that we are to have the same mind as that of Christ, and to seek the interests of others rather than our own. Give us understanding and grace for all, and bring us together in prayer.

Lord, on this last day of 2020, You are still the same. Thank You for 2020, and we look to You for 2021.

You are still the Great Physician. Heal the hurts, any differences, and any who carry wounds in our church – whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

We pray for every group and the activities in our church – may we be a worshipping, witnessing, serving, fruitful and well-functioning church.

The church is to be one body and one bride – may Telford Elim be such a church. I pray these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Jan 1 – Throughout January we are calling the church to fast and pray preparing us for 2021, and helping to align us to God’s will, way and purposes for Telford Elim in 2021. Please pick a day, or more than one day, to pray and fast. This may be a full fast, or a partial fast – for a full day, a few hours, or a single meal. It may be a fast from something that takes our attention or time like TV or Social Media. You can book a slot by emailing admin@telfordelim.com or online@telfordelim.com

The following prayers throughout January are taken from our Month of Prayer booklet: Father, on this New Year’s Day, thank You for our Lord Jesus Christ.


i. The development of our Online Church

ii. The completion of the Hub debt free, and for how it already is being used for Kingdom work

iii. The completion of Pastor Ben’s ministry

iv. The worship, witness and service of many in our church

v. For His favour on us even during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Father, as we step into a New Year – we pray that we will all step in together rooted in Christ, walking together with Him through Your Spirit, and inspired to follow our Saviour every single day.

We pray for the development of a whole-life, enriching centre in and through Telford Elim, in person and online. That we would be a community who is growing, in person and online, who are really connect with each other – building, good, healthy and strong relationships, and are filled with Kingdom minded, whole and loving disciple makers.

Bless our worship team. May they continue to develop and lead us into Your throne room. We ask for an ever increasing sensitivity to the moving of Your Spirit in our services in person and online – for Pentecostal power and the Spirit’s presence and gifts to fill our church, our worship, and our witness to the world. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Jan 2Vision for Sunday School in 2021 – Yana Adjepong

Dear heavenly Father, we read in Your word that we should ‘start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it’ (Proverbs 22:6).

Help us, Lord, to guide the children entrusted to us into a faith filled life. We believe that all Children are able to be Disciples of Your Son, Jesus, and to form discipling relationships with others, to grow in their faith, make friends and dream big with Him.

Father, it is our desire to see hearts changed and lives transformed by a relationship with You, through Jesus, and by the power of Your Holy Spirit. We ask that You guide us as we aim to make sure children are taught how to interpret scripture, to think about what it really means and, most importantly, to apply it to their lives.

May they be supernaturally enabled to become doers of the word as they grow roots in Christ, and build a firm foundation upon Him as cornerstone of their lives and faith. We pray this in your Almighty name, Jesus. Amen.

Jan 3 Discipleship in Sunday School – Yana Adjepong

Dear Heavenly Father, as we continue to build a church with a discipling foundation – we pray that You bless the teaching in Sunday School.

Father, we believe that the acronym CROSS is a valuable tool for our children to apply to their lives. We also pray that each of these words impact every child that attend Sunday School, online or in-person. C: change, becoming like Jesus; R: relationship with Jesus; O: obedience to Jesus; S: sent by Jesus; Spirit: new life in Jesus.

Lord as we seek to embed these discipling principles in every aspect of Sunday School from a young age – we pray that Your will done here on earth through our Telford Elim Sunday School, and that it will all be for Your Glory. Father, bless Amy Lake as she is baptised today. May her baptism lead to a new level of intimacy with and power of the Spirit in Amy’s life. May her life give witness to her Saviour, His love, and her faith and obedience. Thank You for believer’s baptism – may our church have the joy and privilege of baptising many people. In Jesus’ name. Amen