Daily Prayers 23 – 29 November

Daily Prayers 23 – 29 November

Nov 23 – This week we will be praying into the theme of ‘Giving it all to Jesus’ – a theme Nina Brazier has set.  The prayers will also contain elements of the church Sunday morning sermon (22nd November).

The verse the Daily Prayers are based on is Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” If we give our all to Jesus – He will give to us all the grace, wisdom and love we will need for life, and His worship and service.

What do you treasure most?  Lord we thank You for all that You give us, for being our great Provider, for going before us to weather the storm. We want to be wholehearted followers of Jesus, and acknowledge that to do that we must give it all to You: our giftings, our treasures, our time and our riches.

Our futures we lay down before You – guide our steps and set us on the right path. Let me be a vessel for You to use as You desire.

We pray against the human nature which wants to hold tight to all that we treasure; loosen our grip and make us willing givers to and servers in Your kingdom. Open our eyes to where You need us to serve, and open our hearts to be willing do something about it.

We leave our sorrows and our heartache with You and chose to look upward, not over our shoulder into the past. Lord Jesus, we give our all to You, today and every other day. Amen

Nov 24 – What do you treasure most? Your time…spent doing the sports or hobbies you love? Spending precious time with family and friends that you care so much for? Reading, shopping or working?

Father, Your beloved Son is precious beyond this earth’s wealth. He is above all powers, and is the source of everything we need for life, worship and service. He is the Author of time, and the One who numbers our days!

He is the greatest man who has ever lived; the greatest prophet, teacher and servant; the only Saviour who has ever lived; He is God the Son. He calls us to follow Him – walking with Jesus is a privilege, an honour and the greatest blessing we will ever have. Thank You for it!

You call Your angels to worship Him. Hebrews 1:6, ‘And when He brought His supreme Son into the world, God said, “Let all of God’s angels worship him”’ (Deut 32:43). Hence, at His birth in Bethlehem – the angels appeared to the shepherds praising and worshipping the new born King, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is worthy to be worshipped.

Without Christ, where would we be?  Sport, hobbies, family, friends, reading, shopping and work are all good in themselves, but not one of them can save our souls and make us complete in Your sight. However, in Christ, and fully committed to His principles for discipleship and life – each one of the people and things in our lives become a vibrant and wonderful part of the tapestry of our lives.

You call us to give our all in worship to Him. Singing – praising – giving thanks – filling our lives with Your word – walking in step and filled with Your Spirit – going where He sends and living as His disciples. Lord, anoint Telford Elim, everyone in it in person or online, plus every church represented by those who pray with us – so Jesus is lifted high, proclaimed and known to be in our midst. If that happens -than as we give our all, and everything we have, to our Lord Jesus – many will be challenged, reached, saved and renewed in Him. Amen

Nov 25 – Your riches…you’ve worked tirelessly for them, to earn a salary, fund a house, a well-deserved holiday. Perhaps you are poor with very little and you must guard what you have fiercely and not allow it to dwindle away.

Father, You call us to be good stewards of that which You commit to us whether it is a great amount or a small amount. Our security is not in that which we own or possess – our security is in being in a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You call us to invest our lives in worshipping and serving our Saviour and Lord.

Jesus is the final and greatest authority revealing You in all Your glory, splendour, majesty and terribleness. You are Almighty, and so is Jesus.  As we are praying for many people to give it all to Jesus – this is only possible as people yield their lives to Him, believing in Him for salvation and eternal life.

Anoint our church, and Your Church in the UK, to preach and teach Christ modelling the Christian life in all its richness and fullness so that multitudes are saved in and through Him. We pray for the breakthrough of the Gospel into the lives of many who are ignorant of these truths so that salvation and discipleship permeate every street and neighbourhood across our nation, and each nation represented by those who pray with us. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen.

Nov 26 – Your talents…we have all been blessed with talents, some are more obvious than others; but each of us are called to share and use these talents to serve God and Christ’s Kingdom.

Father, You promised the Son everything as His inheritance, including everyone who believes in Him to the saving and renewing of their souls. Jesus is also the Creator who created everything. Hebrews 1:10 -12, ‘He also says to the Son, “In the beginning, Lord, You laid the foundation of the earth and made the heavens with Your hands. 11They will perish, but You remain forever. They will wear out like old clothing. 12You will fold them up like a cloak and discard them like old clothing. But You are always the same; You will live forever.”’

Lord, as we think about giving it all to Jesus – He is our Creator and God. By right it is His in the first place. You are not asking us to give Him something which we shouldn’t for ‘the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness.’

Teach us, Lord, how to give it well – to become better at giving our everything to Christ. Once again Lord, we pray for the anointing and grace we need to launch out teaching people this great truth, modelling how to do it, and ministering so they are led into the wonderful freedom that comes with being a wholehearted worshipper/giver to Christ. Anoint our lips, inspire our communications, and sanctify our service so that many will be taught and led into a new place of giving their all to Jesus. Amen

Nov 27 – Father, all good things are gifts that are there for us to enjoy; in order for the good things to bless us – we first need to give them back to our Lord Jesus by prayer and by being willing to relinquish our control of them to Him. Be our pilot and the Master of our lives. Unless we give it back to Jesus – we cannot receive all we need for life, worship, ministry and His service. We pray that many will give it all to Jesus – then their offerings will sanctified and fit for His use, and our own blessing.

As we give Jesus the first portion, give willingly and lovingly, and whole heartedly serve His kingdom purposes – He is able to supply everything we will need for His worship and service, and for a rich and full life set apart from the world and its values and principles. As we do this – the principles and values of the Kingdom become enshrined in our lives, and in Telford Elim. Lord, this is what we desire!

Jesus revealed Your glory and wonder in His life and ministry, in His death and resurrection, and in His ascension. All that You are in character and nature – Jesus perfectly revealed this through His own life, His own character, and throughout His ministry. He is worthy to be worshipped and obeyed. He is trustworthy, true and gracious. May Telford Elim reveal Him in all His splendour, glory and love. Amen

Nov 28 – Psalm 100:2 says, “Serve the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful singing.”

Father, giving of our Talents, Time and Treasure to You through Christ – being worshippers who serve and give out of love and devotion – this is the highest service You call us to.

When we give it all to Jesus from a servant and obedient faith-filled heart, then You accept our service as a spiritual sacrifice and offering. In this type of service we are dead to self – it is laid on the altar to You. Romans 12:1, ‘And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all He has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind He will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship Him.’ This is truly the way to worship You.

Lord, so many are afraid of the cost, afraid that if they give their all to Jesus – they will lose control of their lives and end up with nothing. Enable our church to teach the truth that nothing is lost when given to Jesus. In fact, only that which we hold back and do not give is no longer a blessing to us. As we engage in prayer around this topic, Lord, guide our prayers, by Your Spirit, so that we pray effectively in Your will. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen

Nov 29 – Father, we do not choose the place of our service. As worshippers who are servants – we say, ‘behold the servant of the Lord – I will go and do as You ask…’

1 John 5:21 says, ‘dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.’ Lord, grant us the wisdom and understanding to know that which is in our lives that has the propensity to take Your place and become an idol to us. Instead of walking without wisdom and biblical insight – many are walking in darkness and with a worldly outlook on life. Only in Christ can we be renewed in thinking so we become the worshippers, servants and givers of everything to Jesus that You call us to be.

You are calling Telford Elim to be authentic and sincere worshipping from minds renewed in Your word, and hearts moved by Your Spirit and word. You are calling us deeper into our relationship with Christ – to become worshippers whose lives reflect the truth that we give because He first loved us and gave everything for us.

We pray that many will thrive spiritually and in every way in this life, because of the ministry and people in Telford Elim, they will be led into a new intimacy with You through Christ. A people honed in the secret place of prayer and devotion before being released into the public sphere as Christ’s witnesses.

We pray for many to lead flourishing lives inspired by the Spirit to be whole-life worshippers. Philippians 3:3, ‘for we who worship by the Spirit of God are the ones who are truly circumscribed. We rely on what Christ Jesus has done for us. We put no confidence in human effort.’ That because of the ministry of Telford Elim, in person and online, people will be inspired to serve Christ, His people and their communities – a church from which many are directed, motivated and strengthened to His worship and service. A church that, in our days, carries an anointing to lead many, many men, women, young adults, young people and children into worship, witness and successful service. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen