Daily Prayers 17-23 April

Daily Prayers 17-23 April

Apr 17 – The focus of this week’s prayers is connected with Sunday’s sermon, and the Sunday evening Spirituality, the upcoming Friday Discipleship on applying what the Bible says.

Father, we ask that we may pick up and prayerfully explore the different aspects highlighted during these talks.

Theologically, study of You and Your word and ways, we pray for Christ’s purpose to impart wholeness and true life to His believing people to be at th heart of our church, its people and ministries.

Lord Jesus, as we consider these purposes today – it is striking how You came to bring such good things into the lives of Your believing people.

Your redeeming love transforms dislocation into inner security as we, by grace through faith, we are secure in Your covenant embrace.

Your saving involvement in our lives replaces the world’s spiritual deadness with the vibrancy of true spiritual life. May such security, wholeness, serenity of soul and spiritual life become more and more accepted and applied in my life, and in the lives of all in our church, in person and online. Amen

Apr 18 – Ecclesiology, the study of the Church.

Father, we pray for the Church in our nation to be firmly rooted in Christ and established and based on the full weight of Your word. We that Elim’s call to re-imagine how Church could be, and locally, our Church, would be fruitful.

We ask that our church will enable Your people here to transform our local society as they swim in the full river of Your Spirit’s presence and power.

Lord Jesus, we declare that You are the Head of the Church, the King of Your people, the Lord of Your spiritual Race, the only Saviour and true Door into the Church. Christopher Wright’s, ‘It is not so much that God has a mission for His church in the world, but that God has a church for His mission in the world’ (C Wright, ‘The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative’ Downer’s Grove, IVP Academic, 2006, p.62; quoted in T Bolsinger, ‘Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Unchartered Territory’ Downer’s Grove, IVP, 2015, p.30) is such a profound statement.

Thank You for the element of truth in this quote – Your Church isn’t there to serve its own purposes, but to serve Your purposes, reflect Your love and grace to the world, and join You in Your mission to the world. May Telford Elim be great at doing all this. Amen

Apr 19 – Spiritually – Father, in Christ, You have sought to draw people closer, by prayer, to the ultimate source of our significance – a living relationship with You.

We come to the throne of grace, and Lord Jesus, as John 14:13 highlights, when we pray as part of a full and open relationship with You, You promise to act from that throne of grace and thus bring glory to our Father.

Therefore, when we wrestle in prayer – it is not necessarily trying to make You do something, You answer prayer in accordance to Your will and purposes – oftentimes, the wrestling is with: ourselves and our own undisciplined desires – the world, its godless, anti-biblical and antichrist encroachment and conditioning – and with Satan & the spiritual forces of wickedness & darkness.

Thank You that You have even designed some of our prayers to outlast our impact and significance in this world – You still remember and answer some of our Spirit-led prayers after we have gone to be with You. Hallelujah. Anoint us to pray in full faith and assurance, and in accordance with your will and purposes for this time, us as Your people, and for our church. Amen

Apr 20 – Morally, the biblical rules, principles and laws which are the basis of righteous living and behaviour are of vital importance to us.

Father, as we come again today to You in the name of Your Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, we acknowledge the rightness and glory of Your Word and Will.

As we consider the foundations upon which we build every aspect of our lives, we pray for Your Spirit’s guidance, illumination and direction. We recognise that there are times that You challenge our level of godly accountability to Yourself, Your people, and to ourselves.

May the law or principle of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus undergird everything we believe, bring true freedom into our lives, and enable us to reflect the glories of Your Word. May a biblical model of accountability develop further in our lives and church. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Apr 21 – Ethically, the way we daily live out the biblical laws and principles.

Father, we are praying for guidance in how to challenging the godless foundations  of our society – and seeking to pray that these will not infect our own lives, our church, or our community.

We pray for many to be properly connected to the Cornerstone, Christ Jesus. As we consider today how we behave in life, how we live and act, interact with others, and live out our faith – if there is anything that we think, say or do that is out of step with Your Spirit, perhaps even grieving Him, may You graciously and mercifully lead us through the process of recognition, repentance and righteous renovation.

We would to think, say and act in ways that honour Christ, and reflects the wonderful nature of His resurrection life in Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Apr 22 – Father, we pray for this morning’s Shropshire Hope Prayer Breakfast – pour out Your Spirit, bless the worship, anoint the speaker, speak through the local Kingdom stories that are being shared, and lead us to pray collectively in the Spirit.

In Discipleship terms, we are beginning to understand a little more clearly our own inner private world’s true reality, and possibly the need for repentance and restoration if it is in any way opaque, that is cloudy instead of clear.

You know us perfectly, and where we are at in our level of Christian maturity. May our discipleship growth and development aid the advance of Your Kingdom here.

May the level of Christian maturity within our church, Borough and County grow even further and be a blessing to Your Kingdom purposes here in Telford & Wrekin / Shropshire. In Jesus’ name & for His glory. Amen

Apr 23 – Father, may we grow individually, as a church, and by continually bringing new people to Jesus so that we all are: Being filled daily with the Spirit         – living lives of Worship – Bible-filled – truly Fellowshipping with each other.  

Giving to You of our time, talents and treasure – motivated by Grace and Love in our living out our faith – Moving powerfully and effectively in the Spirit’s gifts – Telling others about Jesus winning many for Him – Serving You and others as we should.   

Being good, diligent students of Your word and ways – demonstrating the power of biblical confession. Introducing others to the power in the Christian Disciplines of silence, solitude of soul, and regular meditation.

May we make many mature disciples who go and make many mature disciples themselves. In Jesus’ name. Amen