Church Prayers: 13 – 19 April 2020

Church Prayers: 13 – 19 April 2020

Apr 13 – This week’s prayers have been written by Sam Adjepong, our church Elder. The power of a sound relationship with one another and, in particular, with our spouses, is a miniature version of God’s relationship with us. Everything flows from our personal relationship with God. He has shown us the way to live through His Son. When we get this right – our relationship with others will be right. He expects us to use the ability He gives, and the understanding He gives through His word, to do what is humanly impossible but is possible for Christians. He has shown us in His word what to do as husbands, wives and children in order to create godly families and homes, godly Churches, and godly communities. The wonderful thing to know is that His supernatural power is available, if we will ask Him for it.

Father, we come in the name of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that You would give us the power to overcome everything that comes against us to prevent us worshipping and serving Christ, and from walking in obedience to Your word. In this hour of need when our marriages are under attack and we are at our wits end, we humble ourselves and ask for Your supernatural power and mercy.

Fill us with your Holy Spirit and with the knowledge of Your will and spiritual understanding. Help us to know how to overcome and resist the enemy. Thank you for answered prayer. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Apr 14 – We all have different upbringings. In our African cultural context we are taught how to respect our elders and seniors, even strangers. It was shocking when we came to the United Kingdom and found unruly kids arguing and disputing with their parents. All a parent could do was to send the kids to their rooms, or on the stairs as punishment. The answer is not abusing our kids and hampering their development, but demonstrating the love of God at home, and modelling the importance of clear, biblical boundaries to develop their sense of security, belonging and love for Jesus – discipling and disciplining our children in Christ.

O Lord, we confess as a nation that we have failed to make You and Your ways known in how we raise our children. Lord, we bring before You the fathers that are struggling to take their spiritual, priestly positions in their homes – grant them biblical wisdom, grace and foresight to step up. We pray for wives struggling to follow the biblical pathway – equip them to do so. We pray for partners who have not been born again – save them, but also turn their hearts so that they will be fully supportive of their Christian partners as they follow Christ and seek to raise their children in His knowledge, love and fear.

Father, we proclaim household salvation over the families in or associated with our church, and a breakthrough in our relations with each other across our nation so that Christ will be honoured in our homes and communities. Amen

Apr 15 – In today’s society – there is too much talk and too little, godly action. ‘Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin’ (James 4:17).  Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness and faithfulness are all good to talk about, but Scripturally, they can only happen as a result of our partnership with the Holy Spirit working in our lives. When we show willingness to obey God’s word and ask for His help, things begin to change.

The hymn says “may the mind of Christ my Saviour live in me from day to day, by His love and power controlling all I do and say.” This should be our daily request as we interact with others, and for our nation.

Father when the enemy comes in like a flood bringing misunderstanding, distrust, envy, lust and greed into our marriages and relationships, lift up Your banner against him. We humble ourselves and cry out to You because unless You build the house – our labour is in vain. We ask for Your redeeming grace so that which pleases You will manifest in our lives.

Lord, thank You that You are the One working in us to produce good works, to give us power to put other’s needs above our own. Lord Jesus, we come to you today so that we may learn of You and so enjoy a right relationship with others. ‘May Your love fill us as the waters fill the sea? Him exalting, self-abasing, this is victory.’ We pray that Your Church will no longer be slaves to the opinion of unbelievers whose philosophy and way of life is anti-Christ and wrecks homes. Thank you for the victory, Lord. Amen

Apr 16 – ‘Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth. Unite my heart to fear your name’ (Psalm 86:11).  It is only when we know His ways that we can truly worship Him in the right way, and live to please Him.

Father we come to You in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ with broken and contrite hearts. Forgive us, and heal our strained and broken relationships. When we are filled with anger – whisper Your love, when we are filled with guilt or unforgiveness – show us the cross, and when we find it so hard to make the right move – Lord, lead us in the right, godly way.

Thank You that You are able to make even our enemies be at peace with us because we are in Christ, and have surrendered everything to You. We draw near to You, Lord, Your presence in us will break every barrier and make people be at peace with us; and, because of Your work in us, many relationships will be healed and families made whole in Christ. Thank you for answered prayer. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Apr 17 – ‘It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery’ (Galatians 5:1, NIV). This speaks of a freedom to be what we are called to be in Christ Jesus and not to be men pleasers, but live to please the Lord. 

Lord, we pray that, as we submit to one another, we will know what You would have us to do in every situation we find ourselves in. May what comes from our lips impart grace, kindness and love to others so that we will be sons and daughters of You, our most high Father. Lord, we desire to please You – Holy Spirit help us to do so each and every day. In Jesus’ name and for His glory. Amen

Apr 18 – ‘Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another even as God, in Christ, forgave you’ (Ephesians 4:32). This verse is amazing! It is possible to love even the unlovable from the moment we set our hearts to obey God’s word; as we do so He gives us the grace needed.

Father, sometimes we lack the power to do what we know is right, but we are willing. Help us Lord! Thank You Lord Jesus that You have bought us with Your precious blood – Your blood is our confidence against the accusations and condemnation of Satan, the world, self and sin. It is Your atonement that makes us a people fit for heaven. May your Holy Spirit wash us in Your word and with His living, life-giving water; His cleansing, sanctifying, power. We pray that the ministry of our Church will be good for the souls of many people because we minister in His fire and under His anointing.

Pour over our nation Your cleansing, living, saving, healing Word as we preach and minister online in this season. You have said that Your word will not return to You void but will accomplish that which You have sent it to do – we believe and will preach it. Lord anoint, empower and grant us Your help and favour as we do so that multitudes hear the Gospel and many of them come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Apr 19 – ‘O the love of God, how rich and pure. How measureless and strong. It shall forever endure,’ is a line from one of my favourite songs by the Maranatha singers. The love of God compels us to put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness and longsuffering bearing with one another and forgiving one another.

Father, our breakthroughs are not always by prayer and fasting but can begin the moment our faith begins and we demonstrate a willingness to obey Your word and will – one small step of faith, yet carrying the potential for great Kingdom building. Obedience is better than sacrifice.  

So Lord Jesus, we thank You for the remedy for our poor relationships: love for one another, godly wise advice and ministry, and a willingness to seek the best for each other. You bowed and humbled Yourself to the will of Your Father. We humble ourselves and cry to You for the grace and wisdom we need. We honour You with the firstfruits of our worship, service, devotion and livelihood – and praise You for all You have done through our church, are doing, and will do. You are God, the only wise Saviour, and there is no-one like You. Amen