Prayer Space

Prayer Space in Schools takes place every Wednesday lunchtime (term time only), for the secondary phase children, at Hadley Learning Community (HLC) and started in December 2012. HLC is a large multi-faith school and there are students coming in from different backgrounds and ethnicities. We have several Prayer Stations for the kids to stop at, touch, listen, reflect and write/stick messages on.


The kids are encouraged to request prayer, ask questions or leave messages - which we take away to pray for; our Pastor responds by writing some prayers which are then made available to the students the next week. They are also encouraged to pray about their prayer request and for them to let us know if it has been answered. Initially, we would go into the dinner halls while the children were having their lunch to encourage them to visit the Prayer Space room; now they are coming along on their own.


We have had comments from the students like, "I love this room - I will be coming back next week"; one boy had said to us, "can you come here every day?" A girl asked if it was alright if she came into the room as she was not a Christian; others talked about feeling relaxed and chilled out.


New students are visiting the room and we are getting a good response from the students and tutors. The Prayer Space room has been an excellent way of introducing the students to prayer, of focussing on the Lord Jesus and for bringing His love, grace and peace into this wonderful school.

Prayer Space Team

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